Monday, February 16, 2009

Triathlon baby already!

We had our "10-12" week check up on Friday and got to see the baby with all it's moving parts. And I do mean moving! Apparently we happened upon it in it's cycling portion of a triathlon, you should've seen those legs going! Jon was so excited he let out a huge "O' my! Look at that" which was so exuberant it scared the doctor half to death. She was very sweet and replied that, "it's refreshing to see a husband this excited about their baby!" We had a lot of fun with the doctor who looked to be no more than 21 years of age. She took a TON of pics of the ultrasound which will be available for viewing soon. She measured the baby at 2 inches from crown to rump, which is right in line with my 11 weeks. By the way, I've thought I was in the 12th week for the last 6 weeks it's seems. Apparently it's much better to find out you're pregnant later on, because this has been a really long 12 weeks and I still have 6 more months to go!

Sorry no sex yet, we will get to see what parts it has at our next appointment which is on March 31st.

I'm still having good and bad has been pretty brutal. I even stayed home for the day which I'm glad for because I don't know that I would've made it at work.....and I have a thing about going home sick in the middle of the day....such a waste:-)! At any rate, I've done nothing but eat, sleep and throw up!

We finally got around to talking about where the baby will live and decided it will go in my closet:-) Hold on, don't judge so fast! Those of you who have been to my house know I use one whole room upstairs as my closet. The house we live in is old and wonderful, but the closets are as big as a shoe box and you have no idea how much I love shoes! So we will re-arrange all our closets and move my stuff out of the "yellow" room.

We have a lot of "stuff" to get rid of and once the weather starts to be a bit warmer we will start organizing and deciphering what will go, what will stay, what will be sold and what will be thrown away. I've realized I don't need 5 sets of dishes, 14 bamboo baskets and 50 vases, let alone 65 kimono's and 100 obi's! But don't even think about my 300 pairs of shoes:-)> Uh-oh, I hope my feet don't change sizes from this pregnancy! But on second thought does that mean I get to go shopping for more shoes!?!

So I had my first maternity clothes shopping experience. I went to the cutest little boutique (that was my first mistake) here in Alexandria called the Apple Seed, where I promptly spent over $400 on 5 items! Jon almost pooped himself when I happily showed him what I'd achieved on my shopping trip! I explained that nothing works unless it's "real" maternity clothes....and don't you understand I need NICE clothes for work!? We finally negotiated a deal that I would keep the 3 pairs of pants that are a must-have and return the 2 shirts that added up to nearly $200. Yeah, okay so being pregnant makes you go a little insane temporarily...or at least that's what I'm claiming:-) Okay back to the deal, I would return the two shirts if Jon would go WITH me and actually help me look for clothes at Target and Old navy. (He found that these two places carry great clothes for close to nothing in the "baby bargains handbook". I was sure to prove him wrong and was quite excited about it actually, but.......we found 12 pieces of clothing for $120 at Old Navy and they're actually really cute and will work for work. (I absolutely hate it when he's right!) And by the way, the styles these days are such that none of the clothes we bought were maternity! Hopefully they will last the whole pregnancy, but even if they don't I know I don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them....More money to spend on the baby! :-) And Jon was a trooper and even said he, "actually had fun shopping with me!" We've been married for 10 years and he has NEVER enjoyed shopping!

Gotta run and get some food in my belly! Pics to follow.....

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Jenny Mateyoke said...

Wow! What an update. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling bad. As you said, hopefully you are almost out of the woods.

Loved the story about the shopping trip. I would love to have gone with you!