Monday, February 2, 2009


I try to not complain much, but I just can’t help myself anymore! This whole eat and throw up thing can really bring a girl down! The food just won’t stay down and it’s really getting old. I know I only have two weeks or so left of this (I hope) but come on! I ate 4 times this morning before finally keeping down popcorn of all things……J At least it wasn’t a quarter pounder with cheese and fries today. Yep, that’s my good ol’ stand by when nothing else sounds good and/or won’t stay down. I think I’m reverting back to my youth…..I used to eat McD’s on a daily basis! And now I’m craving what I used to call “yellow rice” the Rice a Roni San Francisco treat!

Today my craving was for Fajitas and I was able to get it at one of the restaurants nearby. Yummy, it was sooooo good! I hope it stays with me! (Not much better than McD’s but…..)

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