Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just taking it easy and reading a few of the 10+ books that have managed to accumulate ;-)

This morning has been pretty laid back and we are just hanging around reading books. Jon is thumbing through the "Expectant Father" and I have been keeping busy with my day by day journal. We are thinking about getting a move on and heading out for some fresh air. Hope you are all having a great Super Bowl weekend-
Love Leslie!

Leslie Breaks the news to Our Crosfit friends

After helping Jerry Hill move his Crossfit Gym across town, theCrossfitter all got together for a group photo. Jerry made an annoucment that Leslie had somethingto tell the group. She proceeded to let them know that she was roughly 8 weeks pregnant. The pictures tell the rest of the story! (make sure and click the images for the bigger images where you can see the facial expressions)

Thanks guys for making her(an me) feel so special!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Morning - Day - Night Sickness!

It's been awhile since we've posted anything so I will try to bring you up to date tonight while I have a little more energy than normal.

To start off I have to say - Wow! I had no idea it could be this bad! Imagine drinking entirely too much one night. You wake to a hellish headache and your stomach is so empty you feel like you will retch if you don't immediately fill your belly with food. BUT, nothing sounds good because you're so nauseous! Just when you do finally get something down you have to run to the bathroom only to vomit it back up. This is the vicious cycle I've been living for the last 2 and a half weeks.

I finally called my mom whining and groaning and asking for mommy to take it all away. She immediately starting praying for me with her best friend Pam feverishly. Thanks to them I had 3 full days of reprieve. Thanks ladies and please keep me on that prayer list!

Needless to say, I have a new found respect to all those mommies out there. What ever makes a woman want more than one is beyond me but perhaps I will see one day that the outcome well outweighs the short time we are "inconvenienced?" And to all those women who feel better when they are pregnant.......bless you!

Other than the morning sickness, I'm very tired. It isn't abnormal for me to sleep 12 hours a night and still feel tired. I have a wonderful supervisor who for some unknown reason is more than understanding of the moaning and groans coming from my office:-). He's now used to the 3 shades of green I wear on a regular basis and knows that when I go running out of a meeting holding my hand over my mouth I will be back on task momentarily. Thanks Anthony!

I've managed to continue my regular workout at Crossfit. Of course I've had to scale down some of the weight lifting but plan to stick to is as long as possible. My coach, Jerry, keeps a close on me as well as all the rest of my workout friends. Don't worry guys I don't want to hurt myself any more than you want me to.......

Okay so the sensitive first I came up with the great (or not so great) idea of weighing myself each Sunday night and taking pictures in the same outfit throughout the pregnancy to post on this blog. I have since had second thoughts about this. Here is why, by the time evening comes, I've packed on a whooping 5-10 lbs (thanks to water and constipation:-) Now if you are anything like me......this is NOT what I really weigh! So I've thought about weighing myself in the mornings which I can accept, BUT......the picture portion is where I'm struggling.....Maybe after I really start to show I wont mind....but right now I just feel fat! So if you don't see any pictures don't worry they will come.....eventually.

How much weight have I gained thus far? Well, on January 1st (week 5 day 1), I weighed myself after a huge breakfast and coffee - 126.6 (slightly heavy for me) and this morning (week 8 day 5) when I weighed myself I was 128.6.....yikes!!!!!!!!! Actually I believe it! The only thing that sounds good to me is fast food and carbs, carbs and more carbs!!!

I've ordered a "Bella Band" which is this new clothing device used to prolong the time it takes to start wearing maternity clothes. You simply leave your pants open at the zipper but you have a stretchy fabric tunic thing-a-ma-jigger about 6-8 inches wide covering your tummy area where the stomach would be protruding.....I can't stand anything on my tummy right now so I don't know how it's going to work. More to follow.

My most amazing, loving and understanding husband has been more than a trooper through all this. He has read everything he can possibly get his hands on. He has purchased a new camera for all the fanfare to come and is practicing his photography skills on just about anything that he can think of. Recently he documented a very special weekend of Crossfit moving into it's new home. He did a fantastic job and I'm sure he will not miss a thing when the baby comes:-)

I will sign off with a big thank you to all those keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you posted as much as possible throughout this most amazing journey.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belly Pics - End Week 6

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Losing Weight ??

After the Christmas Holiday and eating like absolute pigs, Leslie has managed to weigh in this week at 1 pound less than last week.  Don't worry, she is still eating plenty, we have just cut the 5 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter from her diet!  Should have some belly pics soon. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leslie is low on energy but still very easy to live with :-)

Leslie said, " I know how to descibe how I feel"
"You know how after you come off being sick sometimes simple tasks leave you feeling exhausted?  That is it.  I am just tired ; -), But I am happy!"
Now we are off to Border's book store and then to check out some Digital SLR cameras at Ritz Camera in Pentagon City.

Let us Out! We need to Go!

Zoey and Max are out for their morning sniff and business card exchange!
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