Friday, September 4, 2009

8 pictures for you... Day 6

Baby Luke is at home and we are really enjoying him. He is soooo cute!
Now that we are home, we can break out the real cameras - up until
this point all of the images have been from the iphone.
With love,
Jon and Leslie


Bill Dempsey said...

So cute! I hope you are all doing well. All the best, Bill

Bernadette said...

OH. MY. GOSH. He is SO cute! I love seeing his eyes! What a doll! Can't wait to squeeze (gently) those cheeks too! Is he smiling? The last picture looks like when you need a nap too, Leslie. So glad you got some sleep, in your own bed! Did Luke sleep in his crib? How is the nursing? I'm so relieved and excited for your little family. Finally can be happy! Thanks for the message and pictures.

Claire said...

Baby Luke is absolutely adorable! I love that beautiful smile! Congrats to you both. Luke is blessed to have such wonderful parents :-)