Saturday, August 15, 2009

And his NAME is......

Provided the ultrasound pictures don't lie, we've decided to share the name we've picked for our son due on September 2nd.
Currently he has many alias's, some of our favorites are: Little Man, Pea Pod, Hey You, Son, Stecky, Tri-Baby, CrossFit Baby, The Tornado, Taz, etc.
By this point he may even think his name is one of the following phrases: "that was my bladder!", "I like my ribs right where they are thank you!", "Oh no, not another boxing match!" , "settle down in there!" or "Three, Two, One, GO!"

Although these are all very interesting, it eventually came down to us choosing between two stellar finalists:
1.) Snoop Skywalker Steckbeck
2.) Luke Alexander Steckbeck

And the winner is...... Drum Roll Please!

Luke Alexander Steckbeck

Stay tuned for Luke's birth announcement and pictures.

Love, Jon and Leslie


Jon said...

Coaster comment:
I love the name Luke! I have a feeling he's going to be strong too! The name suits him well already!

Jenny Mateyoke said...

Great name! Of course, Snoop Skywalker had definite possibilities!